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Elevate the look of your space with a chic, modern fireplace. Diatec HVAC Systems Inc has an impressive range of Marquis fireplaces at our Richmond Hill showroom that can add incredible elegance to your home or business. The Marquis collection boasts fireplaces with expansive glass viewing areas that allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of your fireplace. Attention to detail is a feature that comes standard with fireplaces by Marquis, and you will be happy to know there are a number of options available to customize your unit to match your personal taste and style. For your added comfort and peace of mind, all marquis gas fireplaces manufactured after January 1, 2015 will include a Safety Screen Barrier.

Though keeping your living space comfortable all year round is always important, it is especially critical during the winter months. The drop in temperature and extreme weather can make your indoor spaces less than comfortable, even with the benefit of central heating. Choose a gas fireplace for your home that will add a touch of style and a lot of warmth to your most loved and live-in spaces. With easy operation at the flick of a switch, you will enjoy instant warmth and comfort.


Marquis understands that each client has unique needs when it comes to selecting the right fireplace. These fireplaces are available in two sizes, and you have the option of choosing the decorative-rated model for ambience and supplementary warmth, or the heater-rated model for even more warmth. Additionally, you can choose from three designer door options for a fireplace the fits seamlessly into the aesthetic of your space. 

Designer elements for your Marquis fireplace include:

  • Decorative stone

  • Multi-colour cannonballs

  • Rock collection

  • Four piece driftwood set

  • Five or ten piece split oak log sets

  • Decorative ember glass

  • Brick liners
    o Traditional
    o Herringbone
    o Red herringbone
    o Stacked
    o Fluted


The standard features available for Marquis fireplaces provide quality operation and a lifetime of enjoyment for users, and include:

  • Dedicated Clean View appliance

  • Millivolt or IPI valve system allows operation during a power failure with Hi/Low heat and flame adjustment

  • Pan burner with realistic flame pattern

  • Proflame II Models include remote control – features flame, fan, thermostat, smart thermostat, CPI/IPI cold climate control (ZCV39NHE2, ZCV39LPHE2, ZCV42NHE2, ZCV42LPHE2 Models only)

  • *Optional accent lighting available (dealer-installed item)

Why Opt for a Fireplace for Your Contemporary House Design?

A modern-day fireplace is versatile and has the potential to adapt to any style or setting. Here are a few reasons why having a fireplace can be functional:

  • It can add a unique charm to your house setting.

  • An empty or open space can be converted into a trendy setting with a fireplace that brings value to the space,

  • A compact fireplace can add warmth to the surroundings and drive away the chill during winters.

Choose the right Marquis fireplace for your Richmond Hill property and create an experience in your house.


Direct vent fireplaces are highly versatile, and adaptable to almost any space. They don’t require a chimney, which means you can place them just about anywhere in your home. If you don’t have an existing chimney, that’s no problem; your fireplace can be vented co-axially, that is, routed directly to the outside through a wall. If you do have an existing chimney structure, your direct vent gas fireplace can be easily routed through your wood-burning chimney. These fireplaces are a great solution for clients looking to add a fireplace feature to their home without the astronomical cost of extensive renovations.

Contact Us Today


For marquis fireplaces in Richmond Hill, contact us today. We are here to make the best use of space that will not only enhance the visual uniqueness but serves a purpose. To learn more about our line of Marquis fireplaces, give us a call or stop by our showroom and speak to an associate today. We also provide Napoleon fireplaces.

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